Account Transfer Guide

Students or staff leaving the Mecosta Osceola ISD may wish to transfer their data from Google Drive, Gmail, or other Google services to a personal Google account. This guide provides information on the account transfer, as well as an alternative archive solution.

Notice: Students that wish to keep files after they have graduate or when they un-enroll from the school should use the following process to keep their data. The student files and data will not be available after they have graduate or un-enroll unless they make special arrangements with the Director of Technology.

Files in other online systems then Google will not be transferred in this process.

External LinkHelp Ticket system
Phone: 231-592-9601 or 231-796-3543 Ext. 1342

PDF DocumentAccount Transfer Guide

Additional Option:

Account data can be downloaded directly from External LinkGoogle Takeout. This option doesn't transfer data from one account to another; instead, selected content is downloaded directly to your computer in a generic format.