What is the step-by-step process to get started?

1. Fill out the application for the program of your choice, and submit it on-line or in person.

2. Go to Mecosta-Osceola Career Center (MOCC), 15830 190th Ave, Big Rapids, MI

3. Complete a background check, which MUST be done before class starts. Also, provide a driver’s license (or photo ID) for Meceola Tech to copy.

4. First payment MUST be paid BEFORE the first day of class. Tuition can be paid with cash, check, or by credit card (Master Card, VISA, Discover, or American Express are accepted).

  • In person: Pay by credit card, cash, or check at the Mecosta Osceola Career Center.
  • By mail: Mail payment to Meceola Tech, Attn: Meceola Tech Admissions, 15830 190th Ave., Big Rapids, MI 49307.
  • By Telephone: Make payment using a credit card at (231) 796-5805.

Payment may be paid in full, however payments can be divided into three equal payments

How do I enroll at Meceola Tech

You may visit us at 15830 190th Avenue and fill out an application or you may fill out your course registration at meceolatech.org.

What are the admission requirements?

Each course has its own admission requirements associated with that career standard. You may find the course-specific requirements in the syllabus on each course's page. 

Can I get financial aid?

We currently are not able to take financial aid or government payments. If you are working with an agency that can write a check or pay by credit card, you may contact our office for more information.

How do I pay my tuition?

Tuition payments can be taken in person at 15830 190th Avenue at the Mecosta-Osceola Career Center office by check, credit card or cash.  The hours of operation to receive payments are 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

How much is tuition?

Tuition fees are based on the number of contact hours for each course and can be found on the course webpage.

Does Meceola Tech have a refund policy?

Tuition reimbursement is dependent on the length of the program and will be identified on the course syllabus.

How do I find out my class schedule?

Your academic calendar is posted in your syllabus and is available on the course webpage.

How long will my class or training last?

Each course syllabus has an Academic Calendar that will list each date of class and the syllabus will note the time of each class.

What is Meceola Tech’s attendance and grade policy?

Meceola Tech places a strong emphasis on attendance and punctuality as these are crucial to be career-ready. Some courses have a requirement for 100% attendance.

Do I need to call in an absence?

Each absence needs to be reported to the instructor as soon as you are aware of missing a class/lab. All absences need to be reported, at the latest, prior to the start of class.

Are there any holidays from the Meceola Tech schedule?

Any change in your weekly schedule will be noted in your course Academic Calendar. Meceola Tech does follow the typical holiday schedule.

Where do I get lab supplies or classroom books?

Lab supplies and classroom supplies are supplied through the course through the cost of tuition and lab fees, unless otherwise stated.

I have finished my training at Meceola Tech, now what?

After finishing your training at Meceola Tech, you are well on your way to employment. Make sure you keep your tuition paid and all your hours are complete. Once these are documented from your instructor, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. The instructor will give you instructions for testing for your certification for your specific program.

How am I charged for the class?

You are invoiced for the class at the beginning of the course. Tuition is due prior to the start of class, unless you are making payments. 

What happens if I drop from a Meceola Tech class?

If you need to drop from a Meceola Tech course, contact the Admission Office at 231-796-0016 to record your withdrawal.

What happens if I don’t finish the class by the end date?

If you are not able to finish the lab and classroom requirements by the end date of your course, you will need to communicate with your instructor as soon as possible.

What happens if I finish my class early?

Please communicate with your instructor as you are progressing in your course. All hours have to be finished before an audit of your certification can be verified.

If I re-take a class, do I have to register for the entire course?

If you want to re-take a class, please communicate with your instructor regarding your special circumstances. You may be charged for portions of the class.

What are the requirements to be considered enrolled at Meceola Tech?

In order to be enrolled in the class, you will have to fill out an application and receive an Enrollment Verification Letter from Meceola Tech Admission Office.

What are the hours of my class?

Each course has their specific schedule of days and times listed in the syllabus, which is located online at meceolatech.org.

How do I reach the staff of Meceola Tech if I have a question?

During the first night of class, you will receive a syllabus, which has the contact information of your instructor. If you need to leave them a message, you may call 231-796-0016 and ask to leave them a message.

Can I have a copy of my test results?

Each instructor can give you testing feedback on an individual basis.

Can I get an unofficial copy of my Meceola Tech transcript?

The Meceola Tech Admission Office can give you an unofficial copy of your grades as posted by your instructor.

How do I request an Enrollment Verification Letter?

If you would like an extra copy of your Enrollment Verification Letter, please contact Meceola Tech at 231-796-0016 and one will be mailed to you.