Get Connected With Your Future!

Career Connect is a free program to those who qualify. In order to qualify, adult students must be enrolled in an adult education program AND in their final year of their high school completion or GED program. The program offers eligible students FREE hands-on technical training and employability skills. Students can select any of the programs listed below. Students can find out additional information by contacting any of the collaborating Adult Education providers.

All Courses Offered

Students can participate in any of the Meceola Tech programs EXCEPT the CDL course.

How do I get started?

To start the program, a referral form must be filled out first with assistance from an Adult Education Provider. 

What are the student's responsibilities?

  • Attend Meceola Tech courses (times vary..see course schedules) and Adult Ed classes

  • Attend Employment Readiness course (1 ½ hours before Meceola Tech Course)

  • Demonstrate successful progress  in Adult Education program

  • Demonstrate successful progress in the Meceola Tech course

  • Demonstrate successful progress in the Employment Readiness curriculum

  • Meet with CTE Navigator on a weekly basis to discuss program progress, required supports, successes, and performance

  • Adhere to Meceola Tech and course handbook

  • Must meet eligibility requirements as established by the State of Michigan

What are the Adult Education expectations?

  • Identify appropriate students for the Career Connect program

  • On track to complete GED or H.S. Completion within a year

  • Complete the referral form and share it with Michigan Works! West Central

  • Administer and track TABE Test

  • Monitor/track student progress

  • Communicate needed student support structures

  • Communicate student concerns with the CTE Navigator

  • Contribute to the decision making process concerning student participation

  • Collect all required demographic and performance data and conduct all required reporting

  • Participate in a weekly meeting with CTE Navigator

What are Meceola Tech's responsibilities?

  • Provide a CTE Navigator to act as a liaison among Meceola Tech, Michigan Works!  West Central, and Adult Education providers

  • Collaborate with businesses and industries to identify appropriate course

  • Provide coursework/instruction for courses offered

  • Facilitate Advisory Committee meetings

  • Conduct ICHATs on all adult education students

  • Identify High School credit opportunities for each course offered

  • Work with students of the Career Connect program to eliminate barriers for attending Meceola Tech courses

  • The CTE Navigator will monitor attendance and students’ progress participating in the Career Connect program

  • Participate in weekly meetings with Adult Education providers and MichiganWorks! West Central

  • Coordinate and conduct Career Expo for Career Connect students

  • Collect all required Section 107 Pilot Program performance data

What are MiWorks! West Central's responsibilities?

  • Refer students to Adult Education providers

  • Once Adult Ed has completed and sent the referral form, Michigan Works! West Central will sign and date the form and share it with

  • Provide Employment Readiness curriculum and instruction

  • Deliver resume and job searching techniques to students in the Career Connect program

  • Collaborate with Mecola Tech staff, including the CTE Navigator to identify potential employers seeking students from the Career Connect program

  • Participate in a weekly Career Connect program meetings- Greg W.








To Find Out More Information:

Meceola Tech
Shelby VanScoyoc
CTE Navigator

15830 190th Ave.

Big Rapids, MI 49307


Evart Adult Education

Jason O'Dell

321 N. Hemlock St.

Evart, MI 49631


Quest High School

Tracy Sanchez 

350 Cedar St.

Fremont, MI 49412 


Mason-Lake Adult Education

Liz Stark

5252 M-37

Baldwin, MI 49304


MichiganWorks! West Central
14330 Northland Dr.
Big Rapids, MI 49307


240 E. Church Ave.

Reed City, MI 49677